My Inevitable

Dear Blog, 

I am writing to you now to share my week thus far. I do hope you’ve had a better week than me; mine was rather rough. Oh yes, and before I forget, my apologies for not having written to you in a while. I have just been thinking how I’d write to you about my week. Anyways, this was what happened.

I woke up today like all the other days for the past few days: reminding myself how to breathe.

Since the last time I’ve written to you, the results of my JPSAE appeal came in unsuccessful. That might not mean much to you, but that meant one thing for me, that my future was sealed for the next two years.

I have had a date with the A-Levels. 

I can only grin when I think about how desperate I was a few days back, though. Desperate to escape my reality the moment I realised what the results meant; The way I’d force myself to read even when I didn’t want to, all to try drown myself in the problems of fictional characters rather than my ones. It seems all so childish now. 

However, now that I am looking back, I do not suppose I had a choice. Sooner than later, I would have had to find a good way to kill the time that transportation demanded; Escaping from reality was just an eventuality for me. If there is only one thing I learnt from this past week, though, it is that you can only escape from reality for so long. You can only run and hide for so long, before coming out searching for the truth again. So here I am now I guess, not running, not hiding, but facing. Facing the truth of my future: the truth of my reality. Facing you now to tell you that I have decided to make the best out of my situation: To keep going forward. 

 And to keep going forward. 

School is quite different from the way I’d last remembered it, and it is driving me a little crazy if I am, to be honest. I’ll share of some of the new friends I’d made another time. For now, I’ll like first to share with you some observations I have managed to make of the new school thus far. 

  1. They have a beautiful garden. 
  2. There are a lot of study areas.
  3. There are way too many hallways for me to remember.

There not exactly observations that can be attributed to my keen observing skills. No, they are not. These observations are simple. The kind of observations you make when you’ve been stuck in the same school previously for ten years. Indeed it has been a long time since I’ve been in such a foreign environment. I am what they call, “from the east”. 

Anyways, I better get going now, I’ll share with you more the next time I’d write to you. For now, I’ve got to get sleeping. It’s late! Didn’t realise it was already past 11 pm. 

Until the next time I write to you, though, Do take care! I promise to write to you sooner the next time!

Holding my breath for tomorrow, Ka Wai


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