Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

They say you are a good listening ear – that I may write to you to fulfil my hopes of finding the listening ear I’ve always needed. I do not know who you are, or if you are even real, but I guess I’m just going to have to trust that you are reading this. However, before I continue, I would like to firstly apologise most assuredly for my inept blogging skills (which for the same reason may be why I sound like I am writing a diary, but, in fact, I am not). I am aware you are not a diary, but this is how I intend to continue to write to you until I figure out the ‘right’ format. Do forgive me.

Dear Blog,

Anyways, as I was saying, I now write to you in hopes that you are listening. I intend to share with you a world that is full of wonders and mysteries. The world that I live in seen through the eyes of the boy I am. Oh, how wonderful it all is.

A world of flowing water. A world of damp soil. A world with waving green trees and beautiful mountain ranges. A world filled with all sorts of wonderful creatures. A world of rainbows and butterflies. A world where the sky is blue and the sun is warm.

However, with all that I have described, it is not because of the beautiful things that I am writing to you. No. It is in all that has lost its beauty, which I am thus writing to you. I guess you can say that I have the need to justify what beauty there is over what beauty there is not.

Oh, why how rude of me not to have introduced myself! Caught in exposition to forget the simplest of introductions. Forgive me for that. Hmm, though on second thoughts, I’d suspect that you can already infer what little you should know about me. But for the sake of explicit typing: I am a boy. I have a sick sense of humour. I try to see the beauty in everything.

And then the things that you don’t know: My name is Ka Wai, and I am 17 years old this year. I am an INFP. My ideas don’t interest everyone. Oh yes, I can get boring at times.

So there you are! My introduction. I don’t know what else to say than to say that I have a lot to say. Wherever shall I begin?


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